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Alytus Synagogue: poetic art installation

The Alytus Synagogue was originally built in 1856, on a beautiful hilly location, overlooking the city center. This synagogue experienced the horrors of the Lithuanian holocaust. Given the history of this building, and my own […]

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Voynich Manuscript Explained and a WORLD PREMIERE

Almost two years ago, I delved into trying to understand the most enigmatic manuscript in the world. I approached this in an unbiased fashion, without prejudicing myself. I gained an overall understanding of the purpose […]

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L’OFFICIEL article

L’OFFICIEL is the primary fashion magazine in Europe. A month ago, the Lithuanian edition carried an article about my upcoming art / fashion exhibits. It is a short article, but very nicely written. The full […]

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LRT (Lithuanian National Radio and Television) article about Silk NeuroArt

Above is the introductory image to an article that appeared on May 21, 2022, written by Ms. Kristina Kybartaite. LRT is arguably the most significant source of news in Lithuania. It is a beautifully written […]

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Lithuanian Art Marathon: 2022

  During the opening of the art exhibit and fashion show at the Lithuanian Center, Chicago, Illinois, April, 2022        The Lithuanian marathon of my art exhibits and presentations starts soon. This year it is […]

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Silk NeuroArt: impressive fashion show and wonderful Mother’s Day presents

This past weekend, the Silk NeuroArt exhibit and fashion show took place at the Lithuanian Center in Chicago. The display of silk art is magnificent and the fashion show stunning. Lutece Beavers and Alyce Johnson […]

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Silk NeuroArt exhibit and fashion show in Chicago

Please come to my art exhibit / fashion show “Silk NeuroArt” taking place on April 24 in Chicago. Over the past year I have turned my artistic energies to creating large-scale, pure silk wraps. These […]

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Linksmu Velyku! Happy Easter! And Silk NeuroArt

Decorating Easter eggs was a strong tradition in our family. One person who perfected this art form was my sister, Ramute Plioplys. In the above image, I selected two of her incredibly creative flying Easter […]

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Sunday morning blossoms

This morning my orchids have resurrected into full bloom. This is the second or third cycle of resurrection for these plants. Such beauty in a time of turmoil and pain. In my art I seek […]

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Delphic Sybil illustrates a new book of poetry

Today, Aldona Petrus Česnulevičienė presented her new book of poetry, „Žvynabudžių perlai“. The word perlai means pearls. The first word is a large, edible mushroom that Aldona picked during her childhood in Lithuania. She had […]

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