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First contemporary art in the Oriental Institute collection

In 2017, the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute acquired it’s first examples of contemporary art, which were added to it’s permanent collection. These two pieces were my own 10 x 20 foot paintings, Veil and […]

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Beverly Art Walk: paintings and columns

Columns of Thought on display at the Beverly Art Center The annual Beverly Art Walk took place on October 7, 2017. A total of five of my art works were showcased: three light sculptures and […]

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Cosmic Consciousness at the Oriental Institute

Cosmic Consciousness is being installed. Cosmic Consciousness is a series of two paintings on canvas, Veil and Cassiopeia. Each piece is 10 x 20 feet in size. They were fist exhibited as part of an […]

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Presidential Library and Marijampole art exhibits

Valdas Adamkus was born in 1926 in Lithuania. During WWII, he fought with the resistance against Russian occupation. In 1944, with his family, he fled to western Europe, one of several million refugees. He eventually […]

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Galaxy of the Brain at the University of Chicago

  Aspirations / Contemplation, painting on canvas, 5 x 6 feet, Audrius V. Plioplys The BRAIN-ART Initiative exhibit was very well received, and even was named Pick of the Week by the Chicago Tribune. The show ended at the Beverly […]

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As part of the exhibit, Cosmic Consciousness, which took place in January and February, 2013, at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago, two large-scale paintings on canvas (10 x 20 feet in size) from the Origins series were […]

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As part of the exhibit, Cosmic Consciousness, which took place in January and February, 2013, at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago, the four kinetic pieces of art, Whirling, were displayed. Further information about these pieces, and […]

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Think and Wonder: coincidences do not happen

Think and Wonder festival sign on the stone bridge, which crosses the Mississippi River On June 9, 2012, the American Academy of Neurology had the grand opening of their new headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, on the […]

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Information / Informatika

Cubit, from the series Chromodynamics (2011) John Wheeler (1911-2008) was a theoretical physicist who for most of his career worked at Princeton University. He collaborated with Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. His graduate students included legendary figures […]

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Deeper and non-evident concepts

Matvei Petrovich Bronstein and his 1936 equations on a background of quantized chromodynamics. In trying to understand the essence of the world, of our own physical existence, theoretical structures that describe the forces of nature […]

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