Audrius V. Plioplys Artistic Explorations of Thought

Artist's statement

Columns of Thoughts are free-standing, independent structures, paralleling our own human existence.

The images consist of neuronal profiles, intertwined with my own MRI brain scans, electroencephalograms, and transformations of my own art work. It is from these extensive, overlapping neuronal networks that our consciousness, being, and independence arise.

From this self-awareness we illuminate ourselves and others. We can shine, inform, educate and assist each other. Each piece is a portrait of human aspiration.

In addition, the Dreamscape sequence deals with the origins of dreaming, fantasy, and creativity.

Each Column consists of three layers of polycarbonate, back-light by a LED color-changing lights. As the transmitted colors change, the images change dramatically.

The three layers of images correspond to our own three levels of awareness: consciousness, sub-consciousness and unconsciousness.

Each piece is 65 x 7 x 7 inches in size. All materials used are archival quality. The images were printed with pigmented inks. The electrical light system is UL listed and approved. These pieces were created in 2014 and 2015.


Columns of Thoughts

Columns of Thought

Columns of Thoughts, on permanent display in the entrance lobby of the Beverly Arts Center, Chicago. Columns have LED color changing lights, three archival-quality printed layers of images, 65 inches tall.
Columns of Thoughts (Click on an image to view at a larger size)

Column of Thoughts 1
Column of Thoughts 1 (detail)

Column of Thoughts 2
Column of Thoughts 2 (detail)

Column of Thoughts 3
Column of Thoughts 3 (detail 1)
Column of Thoughts 3 (detail 2)

Dreamscape Column 1
Dreamscape Column 1 (detail)

Dreamscape Column 2
Dreamscape Column 2 (detail 1)
Dreamscape Column 2 (detail 2)
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