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The sound projection is repeating audiotape in which a sentence has been reproduced by re-recording it sequentially between two different tape recorders. The audiotaped message reverbrates within itself, back and forth, much as memory traces in the cerebral cortex do. Recollections involve the repetition and reprocessing of neural interactions. A memory trace from one cortical area is projected to another, and from there to another one yet, recurrently, each time with a further addition and elaboration of sensory qualities and emotional affects. Eventually the reverberation of memory returns to where it started, it returns to consciousness.

The premier showing of this installation was at the Balzekas Museum, in Chicago, February 27 to April 12, 1998. This show was also installed at the art galleries of Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, September 4 – 18, 1998.

The images illustrated here were taken from the 14 slides that were projected during the installations.