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As my thoughts were being traced onto the EEG paper, she carefully recorded on the tracing paper what topic I was thinking about. The pieces themselves have 16 lines of my own brain’s electrical activity.

The size of each piece is 14 x 24 inches (Thinking No Thoughts is 14 x 48 inches). These tracings have been used in my own art series Symphonic Thoughts and Emergence.

The titles of all the pieces in this series are:

  • Thinking of the Significance of Contemporary Art
  • Thinking of the Meaning of Art
  • Thinking of Franz Kafka’s Law
  • Thinking of Samuel Beckett’s Malone
  • Thinking Creative Thoughts
  • Thinking of Sol Lewitt’s Grids
  • Thinking of Michelangelo
  • Thinking of Rembrandt
  • Thinking of Raphael
  • Thinking of Vermeer
  • Thinking of Ciurlionis’s Paintings
  • Thinking of Robert Morris’s Mirrors
  • Thinking of Alice Aycock’s Cities
  • Thinking of Marcel Duchamp’s Bride Stripped Bare
  • Thinking of Joseph Beuys’s Tallow
  • Thinking of Ad Reinhardt’s Crosses
  • Thinking of Mark Rothko’s Black
  • Thinking No Thoughts