Audrius V. Plioplys Artistic Explorations of Thought

Artist's Statement

From 1989 through 1993 I concentrated my creative abilities on trying to find causes and cures for neurologic diseases. These efforts lead to a large number of research grants and publications along with significant advances in treating autism, Rett syndrome and Alzeheimer's Disease. Starting in 1994 I converted these publications into works of art in the form of limited edition signed prints. From conception of a thought about thinking -- to a process and investigation -- to a result -- to a thoughtful description and summary of conclusions -- to a publication -- to a work of "thought art". This series of works has continued until the present for a total number of 25.

The images in the catalogue are only the front page of each article. For display purposes, the entire article is matted and exhibited.

The premier showing of this series of works took place at Name Gallry, Chicago, as part of the "Life-Size" exhibit, curated by Michael Hall, October 18 thorugh November 16, 1996.

Investigations of the Thought Process

Social Withdrawal - Thoughts About a Neurochemical Cause of Autism

Language Regression
- Thoughts About Curing Autism

Lack of Imaginative Play - Thoughts About a Lymphocytic Cause of Autism

Habits and Rituals - Thoughts About an Immunoglobulin Cause of Autism

Apraxia of Hand Use - Thoughts of Curing Rett Syndrome

Lack of Alertness
- Thoughts About Treating Neurologically Very Ill Children

Retardation Followed by Dementia
- Thoughts About the Relation Between Down Syndrome and Alzeheimer's Disease

Cognitive Immaturity
- Thoughts About Down's Syndrome

Language Delay - Thoughts About a Cause of Down Syndrome

Disintegrative Psychosis - Thoughts About Causes of Neurologic Disease

Epileptic Cortical Discharges - Thoughts About Causes of Childhood Neurologic Diseases

Protection of Corticogenesis - Thoughts About Maternal Immunologic Effects Upon the Unborn Child

Memory Loss - Thoughts About Curing Alzeheimer's Disease

Disorientation - Thoughts About a Cause of Alzeheimer's Disease

Aphasia and Apraxia - Thoughts of Understanding Alzeheimer's Disease

Difficulty Completing Mental Tasks
- Thoughts About Mind Fatigue

Short Term Memory Impairment - Thoughts of Understanding Chronic Fatigue

Difficulty Concentrating
- Thoughts of Blood Testing for Chronic Fatigue

Confusion - Thoughts of an Ultrastructural Cause of Fatigue

Cerebellar Cognition - Thoughts About the Human Brain

Neuronal Interconnections - Thoughts About the Organization of the Brain

Hormonal Cortical Effects - Thoughts About Thyroid Effects on the Developing Brain

Neuronal Genesis - Thoughts About the Development of the Brain

Cerebral Cortical Genesis
- Thoughts About the Organization of the Cerebral Cortex

Cognitive Neuronal Sustenance - Thoughts About Thought Growth (Nerve Growth)

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