Monthly Archives: June 2011


Between the Large and the Small

Galactic Thoughts, wall installation, 8 x 9 feet, 2011 On the large side, many astronomers estimate the diameter of our universe is approximately 1028 meters.  On the small side, are the hypothesized strings of string […]

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Culture / Center / Memory

Culture / Center / Memory (pigmented ink print on canvas, 5 X 12 feet, 2011) The underlying transformed photograph in this piece deals with the basic foundation from which our culture, our civilization, and our art—emerge. […]

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Theological Thoughts

Theological Thoughts from the Neurotheology sequence The University of Chicago Press has just published a new book entitled: A Field Guide to a New Meta-Field: Bridging the Humanities-Neurosciences Divide, edited by Barbara Maria Stafford. I was honored by Anne […]

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Thought fragments

Mindscapes was an exhibit of large scale art works on canvas, and site-specific installation pieces. This exhibit took place at the Beverly Art Center in Chicago, from February 11 through March 20, 2011. Four of the […]

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Neoconceptual transformed photography

Constraints / Freedom from the Emergence series Over the past decade, my art work has concentrated on using transformed photography as a basis for the visual images. In our memories we have an extremely large number of visual […]

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