Neoconceptual transformed photography

Constraints / Freedom from the Emergence series

Over the past decade, my art work has concentrated on using transformed photography as a basis for the visual images. In our memories we have an extremely large number of visual images, but there are no file cabinets of photographs in our heads. The images have been totally transformed into neuronal networks. Similarly, I transform the images into exotic and indecipherable forms, in many cases using proprietary techniques. Multiple layers of different images are assembled, modified and blended using photoshop techniques.

In my work, the underlying concepts, ideas are of paramount importance. Visual appearance and attractiveness are important considerations, but they are secondary to the primary purpose of the content. This is a new definition of conceptual art, neo-conceptual, in that the underlying concepts are of central importance, yet the images themselves must be attractive, appealing and compositionally strong. This neo-conceptual art does not deny the image it’s importance.

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