March 11, Lithuanian Independence Day

Three of my pieces on display in the Crystal Ballroom, Navy Pier, Chicago, on March 11. The colour sequence matches the colours of the Lithuanian flag.

With friends in the tropical beauty of the Crystal Ballroom (photo by Ms. Asta Zimkus).

On Sunday, March 11, the Lithuanian Consulate, in Chicago, organized a festive day commemorating Lithuanian independence, in the tropical gardens of the Crystal Ballroom, Navy Pier, in downtown Chicago. Given the dour and bleak out-of-doors, in Chicago’s early March, this was a most pleasant reprieve. The day was filled with dancing, songs, food, drinks, performances, crafts demonstrations, and the obligatory political speeches. I was honored to be invited to display several of my art works during this festive event. The art exhibit was organized by Ms. Nora Ausra (dressed in white in the photo above) and included a total of 11 artists.

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