Valley Peacefulness at the new University of Chicago hospital

Valley Peacefulness, 4 x 8 ft, painting on canvas

The Center for Care and Discovery, the newly built University of Chicago hospital, recently commissioned an eight foot version of this piece. It has been installed on the seventh floor, and is one of 27 art works available for public viewing.

The exhibit was designed and collected in partnership with the Healing Arts Program which is committed to the restorative power of the arts at the hospital. The coordinator of this program, Ms. Monica Hork, wrote: “The forefront of medicine includes recognizing the importance of making patients, visitors and staff feel comfortable and supported in the environment. Art has many innate attributes that people respond to in a positive way.”

The piece itself is a highly transformed photograph of an image I had taken of a valley in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Intertwined in the image are my own electroencephalogram (brain wave) tracings while thinking of the art work of Johannes Vermeer. Musical elements from Handel’s Water Music are also incorporated. The visual and philosophic elements of tranquility, beauty and musical intonality are very appropriate for a healing environment.

This piece is part of the Metamorphosis series. Besides large scale versions, it is also available in a limited edition of 20, archival quality, prints on paper, 20 x 46 inches. Purchase information about this piece, and others, can be found in this website’s shop.

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