BRAIN-ART Initiative, Pick of the Week

On October 16, 2014, the Chicago Tribune declared the art exhibit, BRAIN-ART Initiative, the Pick of the Week. October is Chicago Artists Month, with an extremely large number of gallery and museum shows. To be selected Pick of the Week is an incredible accomplishment.

The BRAIN Initiative is a US program providing an additional $100 million for brain research. It was announced by President Obama a year ago, and funding to research laboratories across this country was starting at the time of this exhibit.

The BRAIN-ART Initiative was a nation-wide competitive art exhibit which I organized. We had a very large number of submissions of superb art works. It was juried by Aron Packer of the Packer Schopf Gallery, who indeed had a difficult task. He selected 39 pieces by 33 artists.

Artists submitted works that investigate how our minds work, where thinking comes from, what is the origin of consciousness.

It is not only scientists who can shed light on how our minds function – artists can also do so. The exhibit ran through October 26, 2014 at the Beverly Arts Center, Chicago.

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