Columns of Thought on permanent display

Columns of Thought, entrance lobby of the Beverly Arts Center, Chicago. Columns have LED color changing lights, three archival-quality printed layers of images, 65 inches tall.

Over the past two years, I have been working to transform my art from 2-dimensional paintings to 3-dimensional light sculptures which I call Illuminated Thoughts.

In April 2015, three of my Columns of Thought were installed for permanent display in the entrance lobby of the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago. They continue to be on display there currently.

With the video-graphic assistance of Rytis Januska (TVS Digital Media) we have produced five YouTube videos dealing with each of the separate series of light sculptures. Links to these videos can be found on this website’s Video tab.

Columns of Thought are free-standing, independent, light-emitting structures, paralleling our own human existence.

Dreamscapes deals with the origins of dreaming, of fantasy, of creativity.

Color Symphony is a sequence of works where the primary investigation is how changing colors affect our visual perception.

Midwest Souls and Siberia Souls deal with immortality and remembering the past.

The videos are only three minutes long, and are quite entertaining and educational.

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