Illuminated Thoughts: premier exhibit of light sculptures

Dreamscapes, three-layered, archival quality prints on polycarbonate, back-lit with LED color changing light system. 27 x 7 x 7 inches. Photo credit: Ausrine Plioplys.

Illuminated Thoughts was the premier showing of almost two years of work on a new form of artistic expression. This exhibit consisted of 14 of my new art works, all LED light sculptures. The images were printed on three separate layers of polycarbonate to parallel the three layers of our own thought processes: conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

There are several difference sequences on display. Color Symphony and Dreamscapes address how our neurally-based color perception is markedly modified by changes in the background color of light.

The Souls series investigates immortality. In Chicago Souls, photographic portraits of Chicago residents from the 1890’s were incorporated in the images. In a sense, you can remain immortal if others remember you. Our memories are stored in our neural networks. These pieces include my own neural networks, brain waves and brain scans. They are an attempt to bring back to memory, back to life, individuals from the distant past.

In Siberia Souls a similar process takes place, but here the images are of my eight relatives who were deported from Lithuania to Siberia in the 1940’s by Stalin. The photographs were taken in Siberia.

This exhibit was on display from November 7, 2014 through February 2015, at the  Beverly Arts Center, Chicago.

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