Art at the Collegium Vilnense Societati Jesu in Vilnius

The oldest school in Lithuania, the Collegium Vilnense Societati Jesu, was founded in 1570. The Vilnius Jesuit High School is a direct descendant of this educational institution. In 1579 an offshoot became Vilnius University, which is the third oldest university in Eastern Europe (universities in Prague and Krakow are older).

16 of my art works have recently been placed on permanent display in this historic center of higher education. The selection of the pieces was made by Father Antanas Saulaitis, the director of the Lithuanian and Latvian Jesuits. I became closely acquainted with this wonderful individual in the 1990’s, when he worked in Chicago. He even baptized our daughter, Ausrine.

I have a tremendous respect for higher education (just look at my own background)—I cannot stop studying and learning every day, even now. To have my art displayed in such an important historic educational institution is a tremendous honor for me. This is particularly the case when the selection was made by a truly wonderful human being.

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