Local press responds to Siberia Souls

The Siberia Souls exhibit, at the Beverly Unitarian Church, in Chicago, took place in October and November 2016. This exhibit accompanied a parallel exhibit which took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union, as part of ArtPrize. The timing of these exhibits was incredible–they immediately preceded the US presidential election. The purpose of Siberia Souls was to remind the general public that demagoguery and inhumanity, on a mass scale, can take place here, in the US. Indeed, the results of this election have led to a attempts to start mass apprehensions and deportations. It is only the court system that has put a halt to these demagogic actions. Hitler and Stalin are being resurrected right here in the US–just in time for Easter! Thus, Siberia Souls was a prophetic exhibit.

The amount of local press coverage that this exhibit received is very gratifying. These evaluations can be found in the Art Reviews section of this website.

The Beverly Unitarian Church is notable–it is the only castle in the Chicago metropolitan area. It was an honor to be invited to give a Sunday’s sermon at the castle.

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