Cosmic Consciousness at an International Hittite Conference

Cosmic Consciousness on display during the Hittite Conference at the Oriental Institute.

Every four years, an international Hittite Conference is organized. This year it took place at the Oriental Institute (University of Chicago). I was invited to give a talk explaining my two paintings, Veil and Cassiopeia. Both of them deal with origins of Indo-European culture and include several hundred photographs from Hittite excavations sites in central Turkey, which I took. The Hittite language is the oldest known Indo-European language. The Oriental Institute has an ongoing multi-year project of compiling a Hittite Dictionary.

The conference itself took place from August 28 through September 1, 2017. My talk was the last presentation of the day, in the afternoon of August 30. I was afraid that my late afternoon talk would be sparsely attended. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see almost all of the 200 attendees at my talk.  It appears that they had gotten weary of scientific discussions and wanted to hear something artistic.

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