Meeting President Valdas Adamkus

My dear wife, Sigita, with myself, meeting with President Adamkus. To the far right is Professor Dalia Kuiziniene.

My art exhibit, Reconsideration of Thought, took place in May 2017, at the Valdas Adamkus Presidential Library, part of Vytautas Magnus University, in Kaunas, Lithuania. This is the only presidential library in Lithuania.

The reception took place on May 22. The exhibit was organized by Professor Dalia Kuiziniene. An interview was conducted by Professor Rasa Zukiene, an art history professor. She amazed me with the background knowledge that she had about my art career.

The next day, with my wife Sigita, we met with President Adamkus at the Library. It was an honor to meet him and to discuss artistic matters.

Several of my works continue to be on display as part of the Library’s permanent collection.

(This is a belated blog entry.)

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