University of Chicago Atrium Dedication

Erythraean and Delphic Sybils
archival print on polycarbonate, 8 x 4 feet, rotates 3 rpm, 2019

My Cycles of Memory art installation has been so popular on the University of Chicago campus, that the Institute on the Formation of Thought requested that I donate four LED light sculptures for permanent display. These pieces, all from the Columns of Writing series, are visible through the glass front of the building and are stunning, particularly at night.

In gratitude the University will be naming this building’s three-story tall entrance foyer the Sigita and Audrius Plioplys Atrium.

This is a tremendous honor for my dear wife and myself.

Also, a portion of this installation has been re-done and re-installed. These new pieces deal with the existential writings of Samuel Bekcet and Franz Kafka, and the oracular prophecies of the ancient-world Sybils.

You are most cordially invited to attend the dedication and reception:

Monday, May 20, 5 to 7 PM.

Space is limited—please RSVP.

Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Thought

University of Chicago

5737 S. University Ave.

Chicago, IL  60637

Further information about this installation can be found: Sybils: Cycles of Memory.

We hope to see you at the dedication. If you cannot make it, the exhibit will continue through June 21.

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