Quantum consciousness and coronavirus

Yesterday, I visited Argonne National Laboratories in Lemont, Illinois. My upcoming art projects will include deciphering quantum consciousness. Since this involves theoretical structures, I thought that an understanding of quantum computers would be of benefit.

The tour was organized by the University of Chicago, which runs Argonne. Developing quantum computers is one of the undertakings there. The tour did go over this area of research.

The day started at the Advanced Photon Source. This is the strongest X-ray source in the US. This is where researchers are currently studying the protein structure of the coronavirus which is spreading internationally. When the 3-D structure of the proteins is fully detailed, medicines that would block the virus can be developed. This is the primary US site for research into stopping this international pandemic.

I went to college at the University of Chicago to study physics. Along the way, I switched into medicine. It is very gratifying to see two of my passions combined for a common goal.

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