Saul Ploplys Automation and Manufacturing Lab

My cousin, Saulius Ploplys, was honored on Friday, March 6, with the grand opening of the Saul Ploplys Automation and Manufacturing Lab at Buffalo Grove High School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. This laboratory was built using a $1 million gift from Steve Yacktman (blue shirt). Saulius had been Steve’s physics teacher at that high school. Once he became successful in the world of financial investments, Steve felt an obligation to honor his teacher who was so influential in his own life.

Saulius is pointing up to the sign with his right index finger. By his own explanation, Saulius is using the pose devised by Leonardo DaVinci for his portraits of John the Baptist. Not only does Saulius have detailed knowledge of the fine arts, but also he has a very sophisticated sense of humor.

The difference in the spelling in our last names is because Saulius’ father, Dr. Valentinas Plioplys, once he emigrated from post-war Lithuania to Rockford, Illinois, and established a medical practice, felt that it would be easier for patients to pronounce Ploplys instead of Plioplys. So, he officially shortened the last name. Valentinas was the brother of my father, Vaclovas Plioplys.

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