Informatika and Quantum Consciousness

In this expansive installation at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, Indiana, I used over 1,500 of my Thought Fragments. The theme related to information processing in our central nervous systems, and to how information (possibly neuronal information) may underlie all of our physical reality.

For this installation I used 760 square feet of wall space and 400 square feet of ceiling. The horizontal nature of the installation relates to the Cajal-Retzius cells which are essential in the developing brain. These horizontal cells organize the layering of the cerebral cortex where thought and consciousness emerge.

Here, again, I consider each Thought Fragment to be a unit of consciousness, a quantum of consciousness.

Please check out my YouTube video about this installation by clicking here. Further information about Informatika can be found in the gallery section of this website.

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