Contributing to the care of children with cerebral palsy

Although I retired from clinical practice a decade ago, it is truly gratifying that I am still being called upon to assist researchers who care for children with severe cerebral palsy. PLOS ONE had requested that I review a manuscript that had been submitted for publication. I made a number of substantive recommendations that the authors implemented. Today I reviewed this revision and approved it for publication.

While caring for a very large number of children with severe cerebral palsy, I conducted a number of clinical investigations, some of which led to incredibly satisfying results and changed the care CP children receive across North America.

I pioneered the use of vest therapy in at risk CP children, and was able to reduce the incidence of pneumonia by 50% and hospitalizations for pneumonia by 77%. Since publishing these results in 2002, the use of vest therapy has spread to every children’s hospital in North America and can actually be found in many CP family’s homes.

Another advancement was the use of nebulized antibiotics to prevent pneumonias in children who had already many episodes of pneumonia. In these children, we were able to reduce the incidence by 47% and the frequency of hospitalization for pneumonia to zero!

The full text of these articles, and many other related ones, can be found in the neurology articles section of this website.

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