Spoken Word (Poetry) is Ascendant

A historic event took place this June 30th. Actually, two historical events took place that same day.

My daughter, Ausrine, works as a producer for the TV show America’s Got Talent. I watch the episodes religiously. After being on the air for 15 years, for the first time, a poet appeared. His poetry was so moving that Howie Mandel awarded him the golden buzzer. To experience his poetry, please click HERE.

Coincidences do not happen.

That same day I completed two spoken word art installations at the Lithuanian Center in Chicago. After 44 years of creating art, for the first time, I created poetry art installations.

The first one, Libyan Sybil, deals with a prophetic, oracular statement made by a legendary, ancient Greek sybil. A video of this installation can be seen by clicking HERE.

The second one, Vieniems / Vien Jiems, is in response to a poem gifted to me by the renowned Lithuanian poet, Sandra Avizienyte. The video is in Lithuanian. For English speakers, there is a YouTube explanation that should be read first—it will make the video experience more fulfilling. To view it click HERE.

To my Lithuanian friends, an apology. The program that I use to create videos is geared purely for visual effects. It does not allow the use of Lithuanian lettering. Also, Lithuanian is not my native tongue. My life is visual art. If my words communicate my ideas effectively, that is all that matters. The same applies to all of poetry.

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