Neuroscience / creativity and the youth

Simply Neuroscience is an international organization dedicated to educating high school and college students about the neurosciences, from an interdisciplinary perspective. They have organized their first virtual conference which takes over the upcoming two weekends.

Quite wisely, they have invited me to participate and speak about Artistic Explorations of Thought. My presentation will take place on Sunday, August 23 at 11 AM (Central time). I invite you to register and participate in this conference. Attendance is free. There are many accomplished neuroscientists talking about a wide variety of topics. A full program listing, and registration information is available by clicking HERE.

Incidentally, exactly a week later, I will be making the same presentation, in Lithuanian, at a neurology conference taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania. In addition, my art exhibit Memory Threads will be on display.


The Dana Foundation is a major New York city based philanthropic organization supporting brain research and education internationally. They have established the Brain Awareness Week to introduce the neurosciences to students. Although they have one specific week where all the programs actively participate, each center is requested to have an ongoing educational program of activities.

Most of the centers in the Brain Awareness program are neuroscience research facilities, such as at the University of Chicago. I am most honored that my neuronally based artistic activity was invited to also participate. It appears that my art studio is the one and only art program included in this international activity.

As soon as the school year starts, I will be interacting with the art teachers and students at the Chicago Lithuanian School, which operates Saturdays in the Lithuanian Center, the same building where my studio is located.

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