Starving artist

When I graduated medical school, I knew that I was only going to do my internship at the University of Wisconsin hospitals in Madison, and then drop out of medicine entirely to do art. I needed to save some money so that I could pursue my heart’s passion.

That year my total salary was $10,000. I lived like a church mouse in an inexpensive flop house called “Lodge on the Edge”. This indeed was on the edge of Lake Mendota, but also on the edge of psychiatric breakdown for most of the residents. My primary protein source was chicken wings—no, not the Buffalo style in restaurants. Rather, the type you buy in the grocery store and cook yourself. There was some meat, a lot of fat for calories, and it was very cheap.

The subsequent three art years were even more lean. For these years my primary source of nutrition was potatoes, topped with some Velveeta! And you wonder why I am so healthy?

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