Monthly Archives: April 2021


A poetic honor

Two weeks ago, the Lithuanian poetry festival, PoPa 2021 took place at the Lithuanian Museum of Art in Lemont, Illinois. This was organized by Sandra Avižienytė. The accompany book of poetry is “Laumės Juosta” (“Fairy’s […]

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Purchase a Plioplys Non-Fungible Token, honor Marija Gimbutas and support the Lithuanian Center

Lithuanian Ancestry, 2021, Non-Fungible Token. Recently, in the world of cryptocurrency, a digital artist, Beeple, sold a collage of his work for $69 million. The New York Times sold a published article for $500,000. Now […]

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Laumes Juosta / Fairy’s Sash

“Fairy’s Sash” is a 11 x 60-foot size, wall-mounted installation at the Lithuanian Museum of Art in Lemont, Illinois. In it, black and white thought fragments, almost all with word segments, were affixed to the […]

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Alzheimer’s disease, aging, and research from 30 years ago: Great minds run in similar directions!

In the February 2021 issue of Nature, a group of neuroscience researchers from Stanford University, headed by Paras Minhas, published a report showing that prostaglandin EP2 modulates neurodegeneration in the aging brain and in Alzheimer’s […]

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