Neuronal Symphony

        This piece is in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the birth of Marija Gimbutas, the world-renowned, Lithuanian archeologist. She defined the location of the origin of Indo-Europeans (Kurgan hypothesis), she discovered the ancient matrifocal European civilization, coined the term “Mother Goddess” and founded archaeomythology.
          Four decades ago, I created an outdoor stone installation, in a flooded area of Quarry Hill Park in Rochester, Minnesota. The distribution of the stones was in keeping with ancient Lithuanian burial sites that Marija Gimbutas had researched and used in her doctoral dissertation. A photograph of this installation is the underlying image behind the neuronal profiles. In the center of the work, at the top, is a stylized letter M standing for Marija.
          I have recreated a portion of her excavation results in my 230 boulder outdoor art installation at the base of Varnupiai Sacred Mound (piliakalnis) in Lithuania. For more images related to this scarf, please visit my Instagram posting by clicking HERE
          This is a large-scale, pure silk scarf, available at

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