“Veil” is a large-scale, pure silk wrap. The neuronal pattern used in this scarf was taken from the large-scale painting “Veil”. This 10 x 20 foot piece was commissioned by the University of Chicago and first shown as part of my “Cosmic Consciousness” exhibit at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. It was subsequently shown at the Oriental Institute during an international Hittite conference. It is currently in the permanent collection of the Oriental Institute and is the first piece of contemporary art to be added to the collection.

     This piece deals with the origins of Indo-European language and culture, as well as stellar and cosmic origins. More information about this piece and images of the full installation can be found in the art gallery section of my website. Also, there is a YouTube recording of my sermon during mass at Rockefeller, in which I discuss the significance of this installation.

     Please view my YouTube video of this piece being modeled, and another video of it up-close.

     This scarf, as well as many others, are available for purchase by clicking here

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