Spellbound in Silk: Lookbook

Art affects the viewer psychologically, intellectually, and above all, emotionally. But it becomes magical when it can be felt through warmth, softness, and touch. Silk is my medium and I am enchanted by this glossy miracle.

In addition to beauty and depth, my art addresses the idea that we live in a spiritual, meaningful world. Existence is permeated with a sense of belonging and coexistence. 

For over thirty years I have been both a professional artist and a neurologist – neuroscientist. I have been artistically exploring the origins of thinking, of consciousness. How is it that we are aware of ourselves, of others? How is it that social interactions, culture, and civilizations arise? Basically, what is it that makes us human?

The layers of substance, meaning, and visual components in these silk works of art overlap and weave together, just as they do in my earlier works. The complexity of their design is equally as intricate as our own cognitive processes.

With these silk wraps I am taking art off gallery and museum walls and making it available to use and enjoy. There is no better way to appreciate art than to hold it close to your face, feel its warmth and smoothness. Each scarf’s beautiful design melds with your own inner self, leaving you entranced.

For a more detailed explanation please visit my Spellbound in Silk Lookbook pdf which can also be accessed through my Silk NeuroArt website.

I invite you to become spellbound in person at one of my upcoming fashion displays:

April 28-30, Chicago Fashion Week, Chicago

May 6, SLA Art Space, New York

June 20, Lithuanian National Library of Medicine, Vilnius

Details are forthcoming. 

These high quality, wearable works of art are available for purchase at a very low price on my Silk NeuroArt website.

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