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Siberia Souls light sculptures at the Chapel-Columbarium, Tuskulėnai Memorial Park, Vilnius, Lithuania

My Siberia Souls light sculptures will be shown at the Chapel-Columbarium at Tuskulėnai Memorial Park, Vilnius, Lithuania. The opening reception is scheduled for June 13 at 16:00. Between 1944 and 1947, 767 individuals were executed […]

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Upcoming fashion shows / wonderful opportunities to obtain Mother’s Day presents

If you can, please attend one of my fashion displays, fashion shows. I guarantee you a wonderful evening filled with artistic insights and luxurious fashion accessories. These are wonderful opportunities to obtain Mother’s Day gifts […]

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Happy Easter! / Linksmu Sventu Velyku!

My sister, Ramutė, when she was 3 years old, became ill with polio. This was just before the Salk vaccine appeared. For her entire life, walking was very difficult—she had to use crutches. Despite physical […]

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