Happy Mother’s Day and a healing chant for women’s illnesses

Healing Water Spell and Healing Herbs,  pure silk wraps modeled by Lutese Beavers

I hope that every mother has a peaceful and spiritually fulfilling day today. And has some fun too!

In addition I would like to gift every mother a 15th century Gregorian chant for healing women’s ilnesses. This 3-minute YouTube video can be viewed by clicking HERE

I have made major progress in understanding the enigmatic Voynich manuscript. For a full explanation please view my presentation from nine months ago by clicking HERE. Briefly this is an early 15th century manuscript, written in northern Italy, in a women’s convent, as a medical manual for treating women’s illnesses.

The healing properties came from herbs, bathing rituals, in conjunction with astronomic and astrologic principles. The method of treating included chanting. Since Gregorian chants were common at that time, Grace Allan of Johanesburg, South Africa, was kind enough to write a composition in keeping with this style. Nora Petrochenko of Vilnius, Lithuania, was kind enough to sing it. Hopefully this CHANT will provide healing energy to women who need it.

Finally, my large-scale pure silk wraps are a luxurious way to experience the spellbinding effect of art, including pieces inspired by the Voynich manuscript. For details please visit my Spellbound in Silk Lookbook pdf which can also be accessed through my Silk NeuroArt website.

Wishing all mothers good health.

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