230 Boulders have been mapped to the Stars

My 230 boulder outdoor art installation, at the base of Varnupiai Sacred Mound (piliakalnis) has been mapped onto the heavens. Stars visible at this location, on the Summer Solstice, were mapped from horizon to horizon. Thus, each numbered boulder now has its own designated accompanying star. This incredible feat of star mapping was done by a most tallented young fellow, Tomas Blaziulonis, who resides in Marijampole, Lithuania. Thank you very much Tomai!

My own boulder, numbered 230, has been mapped to a star in the Corvus (Raven) constellation and corresponds to the chalice that Apollo threw in a fit of rage against the raven for lying. The raven will forever be thirsty, never being able to reach the chalice (the holy grail?). 

There still are boulders available. If you are interested, please contact me.

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