Mismanagement of the COVID pandemic

Like most everyone else, when the COVID pandemic started, I was very worried about what might happen. This concern was heightened by the secrecy and dishonesty of the Chinese government. Having had considerable experience in managing infectious diseases in extremely vulnerable populations (for 20 years I had been the medical director of several small hospitals–skilled nursing facilities–that cared for severely cerebral palsied children), I followed developments closely. Once information started flowing from South Korea and Italy, I was able to get a good sense of the dangers involved. As time passed, it became clear to me that one of the only countries that was sensibly managing this pandemic was Sweden. Most governments quickly jumped into hysterical overreaction–steps that politicians enjoyed because it gave them immense power to control the population.

Initially I accepted all of the recommendations of the FDA, CDC, and NIH. I received two primary genetic material injections, along with one booster. Then, the truth started to come out. The dishonesty, deception, lies, cover-ups added up one on top of the other. All of these institutions, that I had considered to be impeccable, proved to be corrupt. And the evidence for this corruption has just kept growing.

With all of my activities in Lithuania, I thought that reviewing my findings, which were entirely based on solid 100%  scientific evidence, for the Lithuanian audience, may be helpful. I was particularly concerned that, in the future, Lithuania would follow Sweden’s example and handle pandemics sensibly, not despotically. I intended to give one interview, via Zoom, on Komentaras TV, which was recorded. Subsequent rapid developments led to two further conversations.

The first discussion (in Lithuanian) aired four months ago, has had 50,000 views, and can be seen by clicking HERE.

The second one, two weeks later, with 41,000 views, can be seen by clicking HERE

The final third one, two months ago, can be seen by clicking HERE. All of my interviews are in Lithuanian. 

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