Siberia Souls at Tuskulenai Columbarium, Vilnius, Lithuania

My Siberia Souls light sculptures are on display at the Tuskulėnai Columbarium in Vilnius, Lithuania. Almost 800 people were secretly murdered and buried at this location as part of Stalin’s exterminations. Their remains were unearthed and placed in this memorial columbarium. It is an honor to have my light sculptures grace the hallowed halls of such a significant location. The opening of this exhibit took place on June 13, 2023, in time to mark the beginning of the Stalinist mass deportations of Lithuanians to Siberia. This started on June 14, 1941.  

The color-changing nature of these pieces can be seen in a brief YouTube video by clicking HERE.

Jurgita Ranceviene, an accomplished artist and my relative, took some very creative photographic images of this installation. A general video review can be seen by clicking HERE. My own appearance during interviews can be seen HERE

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