World Health Organization is becoming a Stalinist organization

Recent proposed changes in the basic organizational bylaws of the World Health Organization (WHO), and the proposed Pandemic Treaty, are of utmost concern. If you look at the details (and the devil always hides in the details) the WHO is turning into a Stalinist organization where a central command, of unelected and unaccountable individuals, will have total control not only of health matters, but also of all economic matters. This absolute control will apply to all member states of the WHO. Stalin would be extremely delighted by this development. These proposals only appeared this year, and are being discussed. Plans are to have them to go into effect one year from now. There still is time to act. 

I discussed these horrific developments during the opening ceremony of my Siberia Souls light sculptures at the Tuskulenai Columbarium, a site where almost 800 individuals were murdered by Stalin’s forces. My discussion of this matter was recorded in Vilnius and appeared on Komentaras TV on June 14, 2023. A YouTube video of my explanation can be seen by clicking HERE. The presentation is in Lithuanian. 

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