Red “Spellbound in Silk” sale

Dreams/Explorations featured during New York Fashion Week

Sydney Williamson Modeling, Macario Photography

Spellbound in Silk, my NeuroArt silk creations, were featured during the opening evening of New York Fashion Week. A brief YouTube video gives a glimpse of these works of art by clicking HERE.

After New York, the fashion world moved on to London. At London’s Fashion Week the dominant color is red. Two of my silk wraps are, appropriately, red, Dreams/Explorations and Female Recognition. To keep up with British developments, for a limited time, I am offering both of them at a 30% price reduction.

In Dreams/Explorations the underlying image is a photograph that I took of the cliffs in Sagres, Portugal, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is on these cliffs that Christopher Columbus learned how to sail and dreamed of discovering new worlds. This piece was selected by the American Academy of Neurology to be the first time that a work of art appeared on the front cover of their journal Neurology after 50 years of publishing. A YouTube video of the New York presentation is HERE. For more information click HERE.

In Female Recognition the underlying photograph was taken in 1979 and is of the location of the Womens’ Building during the 1893 Columbian World’s Fair in Chicago. This was the first time that women’s concerns were addressed at a world’s fair. In 1995 I printed the image, applied lettering, and turned it into a photographic work of art. Subsequently, I used it as a basis for a 5 x 6 foot painting on canvas, entitled Female Recognition as part of the Thoughts from Under a Rock series. A further transformation resulted in this silk scarf. Many time periods overlapped, transformed and interlaced. Further information can be obtained HERE.

Supplies are limited. Available pieces will be shipped out immediately and should arrive within a week to domestic US locations. If the scarf happens to be out of stock, do not let this stop you from purchasing it. I will order more to be printed.  There will only be a slight delay in the delivery date.

There is a total of 38 silken works of art available. Even at the full price, given their size and quality, they are all a bargain, and are available at A pdf lookbook of these pieces can be viewed here: Spellbound in Silk

This sale will end at midnight Sunday, October 1.

Female Recognition featured during New York Fashion Week, Macario Photography

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