Monthly Archives: October 2023


NeruroArt fine art prints are once again available

My fine art prints are once again available for purchase. Vera Djackova established a new website, ArtyBytes, which lists my pieces. Each of the series of works were issued as limited edition (#20) signed prints. […]

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The most fashionable lady will be awarded Neuronal Symphony

Neuronal Symphony, modeled by @Doriniska, photography by @JustGaba The most fashionable lady in attendance at the Allegro fashion show will be awarded Neuronal Symphony, one of my large-scale pure silk wraps. This show will take place on October 21, […]

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Japanese language write-up about Silk NeuroArt scarves

Excerpts from a write-up about Japanese model Mariana, as she demonstrates my silk wrap “Neuronal Symphony” during New York Fashion Week. The write-up is in Japanese. @mariana.lysxo

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The most fashionable lady will be awarded a NeuroArt silk wrap

Translation from the original Lithuanian language: Great news for fashion show attendees! During the event, we will choose the most stylish woman who will be awarded a Silk NeuroArt designer scarf worth $295! The “Allegro” […]

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Silk scarves and women’s healing rituals

Healing Water Spell featured during New York Fashion Week, Sydney Williamson Modeling, Macario Photography Spellbound in Silk, my NeuroArt silk creations, were featured during the opening evening of New York Fashion Week. There are two brief […]

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