The most fashionable lady will be awarded a NeuroArt silk wrap

Translation from the original Lithuanian language:

Great news for fashion show attendees!

During the event, we will choose the most stylish woman who will be awarded a Silk NeuroArt designer scarf worth $295!

The “Allegro” fashion show will take place on October 21, Saturday, at 6 o’clock. in the evening.

For table and single seating reservations, call (630) 257-8787

Audrius Plioplys, an artist, neurologist, neuroscientist and public figure known in America, Lithuania and other countries of the world, perfectly combines these areas in his creative undertakings. This is how his silk scarves, printed with unique, colorful neuronal elements, are born.

“I have been artistically exploring the origins of thinking, of consciousness. How is it that we are aware of ourselves, of others? How is it that social interactions, culture, and civilizations arise? Basically, what is it that makes us human? NeuroArt silk wraps are the latest expressions of my artistic research,” says Audrius Plioplys.

We wish every lady attending this event the best of luck. If you happen not to be attending, and you want to grab fortune by the tail, please remember that Christmas is just around the corner. So, ladies, it’s time to whisper into Santa’s ear that the best gift under the tree would be…..

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