The most fashionable lady will be awarded Neuronal Symphony

Neuronal Symphony, modeled by @Doriniska, photography by @JustGaba

The most fashionable lady in attendance at the Allegro fashion show will be awarded Neuronal Symphony, one of my large-scale pure silk wraps. This show will take place on October 21, at the Lithuanian World Center in Lemont, Illinois. A few tickets are still available. Please call 630-257-8787.

Spellbound in Silk, my NeuroArt silk creations, were featured during the opening evening of New York Fashion Week. A brief YouTube video gives a glimpse of this presentation. This same series of works will be presented at the Allegro fashion show.

This piece honors the noted Lithuanian archeologist Marija Gimbutas. She defined the origin of Indo-Europeans (her Kurgan hypothesis) and was the discoverer of the original European matrifocal society of the Mother Goddess, a term that was coined by Marija herself.

To honor her accomplishments, I organized and funded three Marija Gimbutas Memorial Lectures which took place at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute (now called the ISAC). The first one was particularly notable because in it Lord Colin Renfrew, a critic of Marija’s for many years, acknowledged that Marija was actually correct all along. This presentation can be viewed in this YouTube video. By the way, this video has already had 159,000 views!

Four decades ago, I created an outdoor stone installation, in a flooded area of Quarry Hill Park in Rochester, Minnesota. The distribution of the stones was in keeping with ancient Lithuanian burial sites that Marija Gimbutas had researched and used in her doctoral dissertation. A photograph of this installation is the underlying image behind the neuronal profiles of Neuronal Symphony. In the center of the work, at the top, is a stylized letter M standing for Marija.

If you would like to indulge yourself, or one of your loved ones, with this silken work of art, you can obtain it at Supplies are limited, but do not worry—I will promptly order more prints. In-stock scarves should arrive at domestic US locations within a week. Ordered ones will take a month. 

Given their size and quality, these silk wraps are a tremendous bargain–available at

Neuronal Symphony / outdoor installation Quarry Hill Park, Rochester, MN, 10 meters wide

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