Healing properties of the Voynich manuscript chants for the New Year

The Voynich manuscript is the most enigmatic text in the world. It was written in the early 15’th century in northern Italy, using a script that has defied decryption. Attempts at deciphering it, including the efforts of Alan Turing, the father of computers, have been fruitless.

However, I believe I have made major progress in understanding its purpose and how it was used. A full explanation can be found in this YouTube video presentation. There is also a Lithuanian language YouTube video.

Briefly, this is a medical manual to treat women’s illnesses. The healing process included herbs, bathing rituals and chants, and relied on astronomic and astrologic elements. Given that the text dealt with healing women’s illnesses, and incorporated astrology, it had to be kept secret—otherwise death, at the hands of the inquisition, was assured.

The primary healing power was the chanting of the text. I transliterated portions of the manuscript using a system developed by Gerard Cheshire. The Gregorian chant musical compositions were created by Grace S. Allan of Johannesburg, South Africa.

On November 17, 2023, these chants were performed by the Česlovas Sasnauskas Chamber Choir women’s group, under the direction of Mindaugas Radzevičius. The performance took place at the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Marijampolė, Lithuania. This concert was organized by Onutė Surdokienė. The videography was by Pixel Moments.

The chant performance included the following topics and can be viewed in these brief 2 to 4 minute YouTube videos: Herbs; Astrological; Bathing Ritual; Gastrointestinal; Gynecologic.

My own artistic interpretation of the healing properties of the Voynich manuscript appears in my large-scale silk scarves Healing Water Spell and Healing Herbs.

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May the healing properties of the Voynich manuscript chants accompany you this holiday season and through the entire New Year.

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