World Health Organization becoming a purely political entity

A week ago, while in Vilnius, Lithuania, I was interviewed on Komentaras TV about the WHO’s recent World Health Assembly. During this meeting their primary statutes were changed, using a clandestine “voting” system. These changes gave the director unilateral authority to declare any real or perceived event a pandemic, and to proceed accordingly. Also, each country must set up it’s own organization that will implement WHO dictates, including ensuring that “misinformation and disinformation” is controlled–namely that censorship is enforced. Horrid! But much worse was the over all emphasis of the meeting on climate change–an issue that is political and nothing to do with health. The WHO has been subverted into abandoning health concerns and becoming a purely political entity. I discuss in detail what happened. My talk is in the Lithuanian language. A YouTube video of my talk is HERE

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