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Blue Consciousness at center of Blue Man Group PR campaign

Blue Consciousness was commissioned by the Blue Man Group’s Briar Street Theater in Chicago, three years ago. The piece is 10 x 10 feet in size and was placed on the building’s south-facing exterior. It is […]

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Michigan Illuminated Thoughts reviewed in San Diego

Caption from The San Diego Union-Tribune:  Kylie Luttrell, 8, left, of Custer and her sister, Alex, 11, looks at Illuminated Thoughts by Audrius Plioplys in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during ArtPrize, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015. (Neil Blake/The Grand Rapids […]

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There is no freedom without constraints

This summer and fall, when you drive into West Chicago, Illinois, the first street banner that you see is my art work “Constraints / Freedom”. This is one of 17 banners on public display as […]

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Siberia Souls at ArtPrize

Siberia Souls: Children (details) ArtPrize is the world’s largest competitive art exhibit. It takes over the entire city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the fall. Siberia Souls LED light sculpture installation has been selected for display at a  […]

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Columns of Dreams at Trinity Methodist

Interpretation of Dreams: Freud, on display at TUMC, as the LED color lights change Trinity United Methodist Church, 9848 S. Winchester Ave., is located in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. Last weekend I was invited […]

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New York Fashion Week

You are most invited to attend. If you cannot do so personally, please invite your NYC friends. This fashion show location is just a few steps from Times Square. 

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230 Boulders have been mapped to the Stars

My 230 boulder outdoor art installation, at the base of Varnupiai Sacred Mound (piliakalnis) has been mapped onto the heavens. Stars visible at this location, on the Summer Solstice, were mapped from horizon to horizon. […]

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Patterns of Memory, 230 boulder installation at Varnupiai Sacred Mound (piliakalnis)

Patterns of Memory is my 230 boulder installation at the base of Varnupiai Sacred Mound (piliakalnis) in Lithuania. Early in the morning, I walked through the fog at this land art, archeo-mythologic installation. The chirping […]

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Siberia Souls at Tuskulenai Columbarium, Vilnius, Lithuania

My Siberia Souls light sculptures are on display at the Tuskulėnai Columbarium in Vilnius, Lithuania. Almost 800 people were secretly murdered and buried at this location as part of Stalin’s exterminations. Their remains were unearthed […]

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Upcoming fashion shows / wonderful opportunities to obtain Mother’s Day presents

If you can, please attend one of my fashion displays, fashion shows. I guarantee you a wonderful evening filled with artistic insights and luxurious fashion accessories. These are wonderful opportunities to obtain Mother’s Day gifts […]

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