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New York Fashion Week

You are most invited to attend. If you cannot do so personally, please invite your NYC friends. This fashion show location is just a few steps from Times Square. 

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Participation in a contemporary music festival in Cape Town, South Africa

I was honored to be invited to participate in this contemporary music festival and symposium which will take place at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. This event is organized by Theo Herbst. […]

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Operatic performance of healing rituals from the Voynich Manuscript

My transliteration of portions of the Voynich Manuscript were sung by mezzo soprano Nora Petrocenko at a performance that I arranged at the National Library of Medicine in Vilnius. The musical score was composed by […]

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230 Boulders have been mapped to the Stars

My 230 boulder outdoor art installation, at the base of Varnupiai Sacred Mound (piliakalnis) has been mapped onto the heavens. Stars visible at this location, on the Summer Solstice, were mapped from horizon to horizon. […]

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Fashion show at Kazlu Ruda, Lithuania

The Plioplys Village, where my father, grandfather, and generations before them, were born and raised, is in the administrative district of the town of Kazlu Ruda. It was thus an honor to be invited to […]

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Siberia Souls at Tuskulenai Columbarium, Vilnius, Lithuania

My Siberia Souls light sculptures are on display at the Tuskulėnai Columbarium in Vilnius, Lithuania. Almost 800 people were secretly murdered and buried at this location as part of Stalin’s exterminations. Their remains were unearthed […]

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NeuroArt marathon: exhibits, Gregorian chants, fashion shows and more

A NeuroArt marathon will be taking place in Lithuania over the upcoming two weeks. You are more than welcome to attend these events. June 13 My Siberia Souls light sculptures will be shown at the […]

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Happy Mother’s Day and a healing chant for women’s illnesses

Healing Water Spell and Healing Herbs,  pure silk wraps modeled by Lutese Beavers I hope that every mother has a peaceful and spiritually fulfilling day today. And has some fun too! In addition I would like to […]

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Siberia Souls light sculptures at the Chapel-Columbarium, Tuskulėnai Memorial Park, Vilnius, Lithuania

My Siberia Souls light sculptures will be shown at the Chapel-Columbarium at Tuskulėnai Memorial Park, Vilnius, Lithuania. The opening reception is scheduled for June 13 at 16:00. Between 1944 and 1947, 767 individuals were executed […]

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Upcoming fashion shows / wonderful opportunities to obtain Mother’s Day presents

If you can, please attend one of my fashion displays, fashion shows. I guarantee you a wonderful evening filled with artistic insights and luxurious fashion accessories. These are wonderful opportunities to obtain Mother’s Day gifts […]

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