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Intersection of Art and Psychology

Amazon recently listed a new Kindle book, The Intersection of Art and Psychology, edited by Darius Illevicius and Russell Chartier. This open access volume is a discussion of various topics related to art and psychology. I […]

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Doing something right

I post videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Tik Tok. This message keeps popping up!

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NY Fashion Week registration information

This fashion show will be a stand-out event. Seating is limited. Advanced registration is highly recommended. This is through Eventbrite:

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Mismanagement of the COVID pandemic

Like most everyone else, when the COVID pandemic started, I was very worried about what might happen. This concern was heightened by the secrecy and dishonesty of the Chinese government. Having had considerable experience in […]

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Autism: autoimmune hypothesis

I was actively involved in autism research several decades ago, in particular investigating the hypothesis that some autistic individuals develop their illness from an autoimmune process. My published results can be found in the Neurology […]

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World Health Organization is becoming a Stalinist organization

Recent proposed changes in the basic organizational bylaws of the World Health Organization (WHO), and the proposed Pandemic Treaty, are of utmost concern. If you look at the details (and the devil always hides in […]

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Lithuanian National Television article about Spirituality in Silk

On November 23, Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) carried a beautiful article about my Spirituality in Silk series of scarves. You can access it by clicking HERE (in Lithuanian). An English translation will come soon. 

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“Spirituality in Silk” premiere

“Spirituality in Silk” series of my latest silk creations will premier in two days during a fashion show at the Lithuanian World Center in Lemont, Illinois.  Keep following my social media platforms for views of […]

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How I caused a trans-Atlantic passenger plane to jettison half of its fuel, and am proud of it

Yesterday, on the LOT airline flight from Warsaw to Chicago, an hour after takeoff, there was an announcement that a doctor was necessary. I offered to help. An elderly Ukrainian gentleman started having weakness in […]

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Siberia Souls at a contemporary music festival in Cape Town, South Africa

The “Bowed Electrons 2022” contemporary music festival and symposium took place in Cape Town, South Africa, September 3-7 of this year. I collaborated with composer Darius Klisys who resides in Marijampole, Lithuania, in producing a […]

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