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Several exquisite videos (Keletas puikių vaizdo įrašų)

I would like to invite you to view several exquisite videos. The first is my latest Silk NeuroArt series in Virbalis, Lithuania. The exhibit took place in a truly remarkable setting, the second floor of […]

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Lithuanian Art Marathon: 2022

  During the opening of the art exhibit and fashion show at the Lithuanian Center, Chicago, Illinois, April, 2022        The Lithuanian marathon of my art exhibits and presentations starts soon. This year it is […]

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Linksmu Velyku! Happy Easter! And Silk NeuroArt

Decorating Easter eggs was a strong tradition in our family. One person who perfected this art form was my sister, Ramute Plioplys. In the above image, I selected two of her incredibly creative flying Easter […]

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Sunday morning blossoms

This morning my orchids have resurrected into full bloom. This is the second or third cycle of resurrection for these plants. Such beauty in a time of turmoil and pain. In my art I seek […]

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Donate to fight Putin

This evening, David Axelrod, Professor and Director of University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, moderated an online symposium concerning the Ukranian catastrophe. One of the participants was Monika Nalepa, professor of political science at the […]

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Help the Ukraine by donating NOW

The Ukraine desperately needs help to fight the invading Russian forces. The current use of “crippling sanctions” is a ruse with no substance. 1938 and Neville Chamberlain’s despicable performance is repeating. The Ukraine needs military […]

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Siberia Souls: music / video artistic collaboration

I am collaborating with the accomplished Lithuanian composer Darius Klišys. He became fascinated with my art series “Siberia Souls” which was on display in Marijampolė, a few months ago. He invited me to collaborate with […]

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Spotify podcast

Chemist, physicist and neurologist… …and Canadian. An interview with Paulo Ricardo Gomez about my neurologic and artistic careers has just appeared as a podcast on Spotify. This recording can be listened to by clicking HERE. […]

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Wishing you a wonderful 460-year anniversary day

Today, October 12, is the 460-year anniversary of the first appearance of the Plioplys surname. This day, in 1561, the Virbalis Inventory was signed. In it were eight different Plioplys families listed as free landowners. […]

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Art marathon starts in Kybartai

This September, I will be having a marathon of art exhibits in Lithuania. The first one is in the Algimantas Kezys Art Gallery which is part of the Kybartai Cultural Center. A selection from six […]

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