Blue Consciousness

Blue Man Group 2013 Art Competition and Exhibit
Briar Street Theater
3133 N. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois
September 2013–September 2016

The Blue Man Group had their first formal art competition. From the innumerable submissions, my piece, Blue Consciousness was one of the six selected works. The other winners were:

Kathy Czopek, Blue Frenzy, from St.Louis, Missouri
Kuzana Ogg, Khshathra, from Bakersfield, California
Dan Olvera, FREN Z, from Chicago
Cody Rounds, Pulse, from Mahwah, New Jersey
Candace Wark and Shirley Nannini, Tangled All in Blue 5, from Chicago

The unveiling was part of Chicago’s EXPO ART WEEK. After refreshments, the Blue Man Group performed a special 15 minute piece, and then unveiled the art works. These were all 10 x 10 feet in size, installed outside on the building’s southern wall. Blue Consciousness was on display for 3 years.

This exhibit was the firs time that the Blue Man Group commissioned art works for display at one of their theaters.

Here is my verbal description of the piece:

The joyful essence of the Blue Man Group comes from unbridled creativity, imagination, teamed up with humor. This creativity arises from the interactions of our neurons–the interplay of their immensely tangled processes, coupled with stored associations, memories. In Blue Consciousness there are multiple layers of my own neurons, brain scans, and brain wave tracings overlying a transformed photograph I took of a polar bear on Beechy Island, in the Canadian high arctic. The images in these layers span many decades of experience. The polar bear is surrounded by blue ice, blue skies, blue consciousness.