Dreamscapes deals with the origins of dreaming, fantasy, creativity.

The images consist of neuronal profiles, intertwined with my own MRI brain scans, electroencephalograms, and transformations of my own previous art work. It is from these neuronal networks, and their complexity, that fantasy, creativity and dreams emerge.

Each diptych consists of three layers of printed polycarbonate, back-light by a white LED light in one, and a color-changing LED light system in the other. As the transmitted colors change, the images change dramatically. This sequence explores color and pattern perception.

This diptych structure corresponds to our own brains, where the left cerebral hemisphere is more analytic, logical, black and white, and the right hemisphere more artistic, creative, colorful.

The three layers of images correspond to our own three levels of awareness: consciousness, sub-consciousness and unconsciousness.

The pieces are either 27 inches or 51 inches in height. They are constructed using poplar wood. Poplar is a hard wood that grows tall and straight. It was the preferred wood for Native American’s dugout canoes. Also, the blossoms of the poplar are similar to lilies. It is called the lily tree. My wife loves her flower gardens, so using the lily tree is in recognition of her support of my art.

All materials used are archival quality. The images are printed with pigmented ink. The electrical light system is UL listed and approved. These pieces were created in 2014 and 2015.