Illuminated Thoughts

An installation art exhibit as part of ArtPrize 7 in Grand Rapids, MI. September 23 – October 11, 2015

First Park Congregational Church UCC
10 East Park Place NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

This is one of the largest competitive, international art exhibits in the world. ArtPrize 7 had 1,550 artists exhibiting at over 160 venues.

The Illuminated Thoughts installation consists of seven free-standing columns. They are independent structures, paralleling our own human existence.

The images consist of neuronal profiles, intertwined with my own MRI brain scans, electroencephalograms, and transformations of my own art work. It is from these extensive, overlapping neuronal networks that our consciousness, being, and independence arise.
From this self-awareness we illuminate ourselves and others. We can shine, inform, educate and assist each other. Each piece is a portrait of human aspiration.