Selected Comments Concerning the Art Work of Audrius V. Plioplys

Elegant…impressive…very beautiful…extremely original…I’ve never seen any art work like this before. 
— Ivan Karp, OK Harris Gallery, New York

A metaphysical mind
— Tobie Lanou, What’s Up In Art, Washington, DC

Blessed with splendid imagination
— Harold Haydon, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL

His work caused a fire in my mind
— Stewart Turnquist, Curator, Minneapolis Institute of Art, exhibit catalogue, Minnesota Energy

One thing is for certain: Plioplys has the power
— Fran Addington, Minneapolis Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

In the author’s juxtaposition of pictorial and visual elements the viewer finds elements of surprise, contradiction, tragedy, and peace.
— Algimantas Kezys, Lituanus, Chicago, IL

Audrius Plioplys is one of the few Lithuanian-American artists (along with the world famous Fluxus representative George Maciunas) who can be considered to be a pioneer of conceptual art.
— Ingrida Korsakaite, Kulturos Barai, Vilnius, Lithuania 

Audrius Plioplys is a neurologist and neuroscientist who also happens to be a shrewd artist…he has been involved with some of the strongest contemporary currents–abstract painting, conceptual art, temporary installations, photography–drawing upon the content of one profession to feed the other.
— Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune  

Thoughts about thinking, which are evoked by the tension between the two extremes of expression (text and image), the interplay of their meanings, conformity and nonconformity, are the substance of the artist’s works.
— Laima Lauckaite, Art of the Diaspora (Iseivijos Daile), Vilnius, Lithuania

Plioplys asks that the viewer become an active interrogator of everything he sees….One never feels at home with an image or with a particular way of looking at it; images become concepts rather than copies of reality, deconstructions of seeing rather than documents of the world….The strength of this show lies in the way its motifs converge into a powerful depiction of displacement. The texts dislocate the photos, making their subjects conceptual, metaphoric…
— Fred Camper, Chicago Reader, Chicago, IL

One of the fathers of conceptual art, Sol Le Witt, stated that a thought, even if it has not been actualized, is as much a work of art as a completed piece…In his art works, A. Plioplys gives thought material form, and attracts the viewer to participate in an intellectual process.
— Laima Apanaviciene, Neurology Seminars, Vilnius, Lithuania

Audrius Plioplys has chosen not to create a definite illusion of total space, but to create a beautiful color field of scintillating fine lines.
— Hubert Jackson, juror of the exhibit “A Fine Line”, Fredricksburg, VA

It’s different; in fact, it’s unique! . Set against stark white brick walls, the bold, bright canvases have an almost magnetic effect .
— Pat Somers Cronin, Beverly Review, Chicago, IL

Plioplys combined the scientific with the creative with some of those results as definite stand-outs in this show
— Benita Heath, Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, KY

Physician, artist, but above all-philosopher
— Danguole Andrijauskaite, Art of Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania