Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness was a commissioned art exhibit which took place at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago, from January 20 through February 20, 2013.

These pieces were re-installed in August, 2017, at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. This exhibit will continue through mid-September, 2017.

Of note are the two pieces in Origins. Each of these paintings, on canvas, is 10 x 20 feet in size and deals with the source of our cosmic existence, and of our cultural origins.

Galactic nebula structures, with thousands of neuronal profiles, intersect with hundreds of photographs which I took at archeological sites of the origin of our Indo-European languages and cultures. Cosmic origins, stellar origins and cultural origins overlap and intertwine.

 includes 100 images from the excavations in Chatal Hoyuk, the oldest known city, over 10,000 years old, located near Konya in central Turkey. Much archeological and linguistic evidence indicate that this is the area where Indo-European languages originated. (Konya is where Rumi instituted the whirling dervishes, which relates to Whirling in this show.)

The facing piece, Cassiopeia, has 300 photographs from the Hittite world, a mixture from the administrative capital of Hattusha, and the current archeological diggings at Shapinuva, the religious center. The Hittite language is the oldest known Indo-European language.

These pieces are massive in size, and at the same time incredibly detailed. You can view the works from a great distance, and up close, through a magnifying glass, to find more details.

The other portions of this exhibit were Whirling and Chromodynamics. (The Chromodynamics portion of the exhibit was extended for over two years, into March 2015)

The Origins series consists of two digital paintings, Veil and Cassiopeia. These pieces were printed using pigmented inks on canvas, and are of museum quality. State of the art, EFI VUTEk GS3200 super-wide, high-definition printer was used for these pieces. This series was created and printed in 2013. Each of the pieces is 10 feet x 20 feet in size.

An overview of Cosmic Consciousness can be seen on a YouTube video: